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Its a big pleasure for us to introduce our company to you and to contact you in order to communicate and build an understanding to gain mutual cooperation beetwen our companies.
Our company, PT PURA BARUTAMA, was established in 1908 in Indonesia, is a printing and packaging manufacturer. We have a long exprience in supplying packaging for many customers widespread. Due to customer requirement, we still create valuable and high end innovation product, in order to avoid counterfeiting and secure the copyright of our customer.
There are some innovated material which used for packaging which might interest you :
1.metallizing division : transfer metallized board, holographic board, alumunium foil laminated board, metallized/ holographic film ( PET) laminated on board stamping foil division : metallic gloss and matt, pigment and pearl, specialty foil and multi color, for label, plastic, textile, etc.
3.cork tipping paper division : cigarette tipping paper.
4.rotogravure division : etiquette and flexible printing packaging in roll form ( with/ without hologram)
5.offset division : boxes printing packaging in sheet form
We really hope these products will have a good result feed back and we will give you very competitive price to start this business.
Do not hesitate to contact us soon for any comments and sample demands in the future.
We are waiting forward to hear from you soon.

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